Muay Thai Positive Affirmations


If you want to improve your muay thai kicks, punches, and knee strikes, these positive affirmations will help you reach your goal.

Through the use of strikes from various points on your body, muay thai is an art that can take opponents down quickly and forcefully. However, to be the victor, your muay thai techniques must be fast, accurate, and strong. A guaranteed path to improve your muay thai is to use these affirmations to program your mind for dedication to training and the mindset of a muay thai master.

If you are a serious student of muay thai, you should find some time each day to recite these affirmations and start building a mental edge that will take your skills to heights you never imagined were possible!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great muay thai fighter
I am motivated to improve my muay thai
I am confident in my abilities
I am dedicated to my training
I am dominant and assertive
I have fast and accurate strikes
I am agile
I am motivated to practice
I have quick knee strikes
I have forceful elbow strikes


Future Tense Affirmations
I will practice intensely
I am building my confidence
I am improving my muay thai
I will strengthen my punches
I will quicken my reflexes
I will enjoy training
I am transforming into a muay thai master
I will build my strength
My mind is becoming more focused
I will strike with fierce power


Natural Affirmations
Excelling at muay thai comes naturally to me
My reflexes are quick
My muay thai technique is flawless
Others see me as a muay thai master
I am a confident muay thai fighter
Focusing is easy for me
Winning comes naturally to me
Muay thai training is fun
I can defeat any opponent
I have great strength and speed

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Motivation to Exercise Hypnosis: Through the power of hypnosis, this album will motivate you to exercise when you feel as though you have no energy at all. It will heighten your fitness level so that you can perform your muay thai at top level.

Muay Thai Training Subliminal: Here is another great tool for serious students of muay thai. Imagine having the mindset of a great muay thai master who was totally dedicated to his training and had a mind and body that were in harmony with each other at all times. A simply wonderful tool for helping you master muay thai.