Lacrosse Positive Affirmations


Playing lacrosse successfully involves a great deal of speed, agility, and ball control. It also takes a lot of focus and mental clarity. These lacrosse affirmations will help perfect the mental aspect of the game so you can work consistently on the physical aspects.

Fumbles and mistakes in lacrosse often originate from distractions or lack of self confidence. Imagine how well you could perform if errors were eliminated through clarity of focus. Or if winning felt like a given rather than a remote possibility. Picture how far you could advance if you were able to consistently tap into your full potential rather than struggling with up and down days and games. In reality, the only obstacle that stands between you and your goals is your mindset.

Practice these positive affirmations every day to adjust your mindset and unleash your true lacrosse potential!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a focused lacrosse player
I am dedicated to training
I am a winner
I have excellent ball control
I am a fast runner
I am a strategic lacrosse player
I am conditioned to win
I have a clear mind
I am focused
I have self confidence


Future Tense Affirmations
I will win lacrosse games
I will improve my ball control
I will run at lightning speed
I will do everything possible to win
I will stay focused
I will motivate myself to train hard
I am developing massive self confidence
I will practice often
I am starting to enjoy training
I will clear my mind and focus on the game


Natural Affirmations
Winning feels natural to me
Others naturally expect me to win at lacrosse
My mind is clear
My brain is focused
Training is enjoyable for me
Others admire my natural ball control
Running fast feels effortless
My self confidence is high
My aim is perfect

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