Learn Trumpet Positive Affirmations


The sound of the trumpet is one of the most classic, and most loved sounds in both classical, jazz, and contemporary music. You can build a deep sense of musical intuition, perfect rhythmic timing, and an insatiable desire to master the trumpet by applying these positive affirmations to your life!

Music and the mind truly go hand in hand. It has been said by the ancient Greek philosophers that each person should develop themselves with athletics for the body, and music for the mind. One of the keys to becoming a great musician is to have the right mental approach to practicing your instrument, and also to hearing music in general.

These affirmations have been written to help you achieve this perfect musical mind state and to master the trumpet to the absolute best of your abilities! Get started today, use the affirmations every day, and you will see huge improvements right away!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a trumpeter
I am quickly mastering the trumpet
I am a great trumpet player
I am a confident musician
I am tuned in to musical rhythm
I can read music
I have strong lungs
I concentrate well
My mind and body are musically in sync
I play the trumpet well


Future Tense Affirmations
I will play the trumpet
I will practice regularly
I will learn to read music
I will focus on music
I will be known as a trumpeter
I will develop my talent
I will feel the music
I will become a trumpet player
I will develop my musical intuition
I will enjoy practicing


Natural Affirmations
Playing the trumpet comes naturally to me
Music is a deep part of my soul
Reading music is easy
I can easily feel the rhythm
Others see me as a musician
Practicing is fun
My mind is naturally focused on music
My concentration level is high
I can easily lose myself in playing the trumpet
Trumpet playing brings joy to my life

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Recommended Tools to Learn Trumpet

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Learn to Play the Trumpet Subliminal: If you want to take your trumpet ability to the next level, this album will help you get there. It is designed to focus your mind on mastering your instrument, improving your musical perceptions, and shortening your learning curve so you can become the best trumpet player possible, as quickly as possible!