Learn Drums Positive Affirmations


Have you always imagined yourself at center stage making the beat of a song from behind a drum set? If so, these affirmations will help bring your vision to reality.

Drummers are an important part of any band. They can help a song soar into stardom with an unmistakable beat and can transform a dull number into a smashing success. You can become the distinctive force in a band by learning to play the drums and by practicing habitually.

Make these affirmations part of your daily ritual and before long you will be drumming along with the best of them!

Present Tense Affirmations
I can play the drums
I am a drummer
I practice drums regularly
I can read music easily
I am musically inclined
I am talented at playing drums
I learn easily
I am dedicated to learning drums
I can retain information easily
I concentrate well


Future Tense Affirmations
I will learn to play the drums
I will practice regularly
I will learn to read music
I will be known for my musical talent
I will learn easily
I will concentrate fully
I will be motivated to practice
I will retain information easily
I am getting better at playing the drums
I will process what I learn efficiently


Natural Affirmations
Playing the drums is easy
Others view me as a drummer
Learning to play the drums comes naturally
Practicing is fun
Concentrating comes easily to me
Retaining information is easy for me
Playing the drums feels natural
Learning to play the drums is fun
My skills are improving
My ability to read music is improving

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Recommended Tools to Learn Drums

Learn How to Play the Drums Subliminal: Available for instant download, this album will help you learn how to play the drums rather than just motivate you to practice. It will help you develop the neural pathways to absorb information and learn the technicalities of playing the drums!

Learn to Play the Drums Subliminal MP3: Whether you are learning to play the drums for the first time or are striving to enhance your current abilities, this album will help you reach your goals. You will gain motivation, focus, and a deep mental ability to learn and interpret music better.