Management Skills Positive Affirmations


Managers are needed at every level in the business world. Those who demonstrate managerial skills are highly sought after in many industries. Use these affirmations to tap into your leadership potential, set yourself apart from others, and be the first one considered for promotion or advancement.

Getting others to do what you want takes finesse. Thinking positively can improve your standing as a manager and others will naturally follow you as a result. This means you can build a cohesive team that is willing to take on new challenges without bickering or arguing.

Use these positive affirmations daily to help you develop your management skills and ensure you continue to grow in your field. This can lead to improved career opportunities and a better financial situation so make sure you dedicate yourself to working on improving your mind each day – who knows where you’ll be tomorrow!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am an outstanding manager
My management skills are strong
I am a confident manager
I am an authority in my field
I am dedicated to growing professionally and personally
Others respect my position as a manager
I am well prepared to take on an important management role
I am able to take the lead and direct people when needed
My superiors respect my ability to manage
My management style is firm yet fair


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a top level manager
I will be noticed by upper management
My confidence as a manager is growing
I am transforming into a highly skilled manager
Others are starting to come to me for leadership and guidance
I will continue to develop my management skills
I will achieve my managerial goals
I am noticing that others are starting to listen to and respect me
I will embrace responsibility and challenge
Managing others is becoming easier and less stressful


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy being a manager
I can handle difficult situations with ease
Managing others comes naturally to me
Others naturally look up to and respect me
Being the best manager I can be is important to me
My management skills are naturally strong
I enjoy leading others
Constant improvement is a way of life for me
I can be firm with others when needed
I am highly organized and efficient


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