Leadership Skills Positive Affirmations


Leaders are needed in every situation. People with natural leadership abilities draw others to them and are very influential. No matter whether you are a born leader or someone who is trying to develop this characteristic, you can vastly improve your skills in this area with these free positive affirmations.

Being recognized as a leader will help you advance, and can put you at the forefront for promotions and special projects. Leaders are often picked out right away for their dynamic personalities and charisma and singled out for advancement within any organization.

These positive affirmations will go a long way toward enhancing your leadership abilities. And since people like to follow confident and positive people, this will help you stand out among your peers as a proven leader.

So get started right away and learn to take the lead in any challenge that comes your way!

Present Tense Affirmations
People recognize me as a leader
I am often called on to take charge of a situation
People trust my opinions and expertise
I communicate clearly what I expect of others
I quickly engage others in teamwork in order to optimize results
I am able to take the lead
I am a proven leader
People always choose me as their team leader
I am a good decision maker
People look to me for guidance


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a great leader
I am developing leadership skills
I will continue to develop my reputation as a leader
I will learn new things that help me become a better leader
I will seek out new leadership opportunities
Each day it becomes easier to speak up and take the lead
I am transforming into a natural leader
I will quickly adapt to new leadership challenges whenever they arise
Others will come to know me as a trustworthy leader
My leadership skills are improving every day


Natural Affirmations
Leadership comes naturally to me
I have superior leadership skills
I take charge easily no matter what the situation
People often look to me for advice
Making important decisions is just what I do
I embrace responsibility
I eagerly accept new challenges
My interpersonal skills are strong
I make things happen
I can draw out the best in others


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