Overcome Restless Leg Syndrome Positive Affirmations


Restless leg syndrome can be defined as “a condition which your legs feel extremely uncomfortable, typically when sitting or lying down.” Of course, if you’re dealing with restless leg syndrome, it’s much more than a simple definition. Restless leg syndrome is a condition that can really affect your life and comfort, and it’s important that you understand how to take care of it.

While you may find that others shrug it off like it’s a joke, you know how truly discomforted you feel living with restless leg syndrome. Taking charge of your body is a big step to a healthy, happy lifestyle, and, believe it or not, you can control your restless leg syndrome by yourself. In addition to consulting with a health professional, soothing your restless leg syndrome is best treated when confronted on your own. There is strength inside of you, and you can use it to your advantage to ease restless leg syndrome!

Overcoming restless leg syndrome is easier than you think. While the body seems to have a life of its own, every function of your body is traced back to your mind. You have the mental power to overcome any physical or mental deficiency; all you have to do is unlock that power. Don’t let restless leg syndrome get the better of you; use these free affirmations to your advantage and get rid of your restless leg syndrome!

Present Tense Affirmations
I have control over my body
I am unaffected by restlessness
I am stronger than restless leg syndrome
I am over my restless leg syndrome
My legs are no longer restless
I have power over my legs
I rarely feel restless at all
I have relaxed legs
I am defeating my restless leg syndrome
Irritation in my legs is nonexistent


Future Tense Affirmations
I am going to beat restless leg syndrome
I will stop letting my restless legs rule my life
I will take charge of my body
I will overcome restless leg syndrome
I am becoming less and less affected by restless leg syndrome
I will stop being irritated by restless leg syndrome
I will stop feeling restless in my legs
Restless leg syndrome will stop bothering me
I will rise above restless leg syndrome
I will stop feeling the need to move my legs


Natural Affirmations
I am well equipped to beating restless leg syndrome
Restless leg syndrome just doesn’t bother me anymore
I am free of restless leg syndrome
My restless legs are no match for my mental strength
Restless leg syndrome just isn’t an issue for me
Restless leg syndrome barely bothers me
My mental clarity triumphs over my restless legs
I am triumphant over restless leg syndrome
I am naturally immune to restless leg syndrome
I live free of restless leg syndrome

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Recommended References For Overcoming Restless Leg Syndrome

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Natural Tranquility Hypnosis: If you have restless leg syndrome, odds are your legs aren’t the only things that are restless. Your discomfort is more than likely affecting your mind as well, and this hypnosis album will calm you down with natural tranquility. All it takes on your part is to look into the album; after that, the subliminal allows your body to take care of itself! Relax your mind and body with this natural tranquility hypnosis album.

Body Relaxation Subliminal: It’s perfectly natural for you to need assistance in relaxing your body, especially when you’re dealing with restless leg syndrome. This subliminal will hone in on any bodily irritation that is causing you discomfort, including the irritation in your legs from restless leg syndrome. Investigate the possibilities of a life without restless leg syndrome with this body relaxation subliminal.

Restless Leg Syndrome: This free online resource from MayoClinic.com talks about everything to do with restless leg syndrome. From symptoms to diagnosis to treatment options, this invaluable reference is available just for you!