Overcome Shopping Addiction Positive Affirmations


Here are our shopping addiction positive affirmations. If you often find yourself “shop til you drop” and run your credit cards up to the limits then these affirmations will help you gain control over your mind and get rid of this problem – and save a lot of money!

Compulsive shopping can be seasonal – to cure the anxiety and depression during the December holiday season, but it can also be a chronic way of running away from your problems: whenever you feel “out”, you go shopping hoping it will make you feel better. You go out and buy to get a “high”, just like drug or alcohol addicts do, so you just pile things up in your home and – you already know it – your finances suffer.

If you’re serious about overcoming your compulsive shopping, then these affirmations can help you make your willpower rock solid and motivate you to control your urge to buy stuff you don’t really need.

Within several days of regular use of the set of affirmations of your choice you will notice that you’re feeling better about yourself and that your impulse to go shopping is less strong. With regular use you can expect to be more in control of your urges, to be more careful with money and to generally feel a lot better.

Affirmations will simply help you to break the cycle of conditioned and compulsive buying when you feel bad, and when you manage to control your mind you will be able to control your behavior much more easily.

So here they are – pick a few you like the most and help yourself break free from compulsive shopping! Good luck 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free from shopping addiction
I am motivated at all times to control my urges and expenses
I am in control of my budget as I buy only the things I really need
I am strong and in control of my cravings
I am releasing the need to buy things
I am free to make my own choices
I find it easy to change my bad habits
I can choose if I will spend any money today and every day
I am a wonderful human being and I am free from all restrictions
I effortlessly eliminate all negative self-talk and I feel healthier and happier with each passing day


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more in control of my shopping impulses
I will become a financially responsible person
I am finding myself more at ease when I ignore my urge to shop
I am turning into someone who is feeling good about themselves and who is always relaxed and free to choose
I am becoming naturally calm and positive
I will make healthier choices in my life
I will fill my days with activities far more fulfilling than shopping
I am becoming totally in control of my life and my choices
I will get rid of the clutter in my home
I am becoming more and more happy with myself with each passing day


Natural Affirmations
Staying away from shopping comes naturally to me
I enjoy feeling relaxed and in control of my impulses
Being financially responsible is the most natural thing in the world
Being frugal is my natural rite
My body and mind are completely calm and relaxed
Nothing except myself has control over me
I am welcoming the positive change that overcoming compulsive shopping has brought into my life
Only the things that are essential to improving my life and the lives of my loved ones are worth spending money on
I trust that I will be taken care of no matter what
Being responsible and free to make my own choices has made me a better person and it has improved my life in so many ways

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