Premenstrual Tension Positive Affirmations


We all experience it. When it’s that time of month, anything can happen– agonizing cramps, strange dreams, painful headaches, and simple hormonal instability. Premenstrual tension gets to the best of us, but while it is the result of cyclical patterns that physically effect our bodies, the power of the mind can truly overcome it completely!

Premenstrual tension usually results in negative thoughts about your gender and hormones. If you can simply get rid of those antagonistic thoughts and generate positive ideas instead, your outlook will be completely changed, as will the pain that results from premenstrual tension. Premenstrual pains usually cannot be easily cured, but with these positive affirmations guiding the way, its drastic effects can be seriously diminished. Premenstrual tension is not in your head, it’s real and physical, but with a healthy level mental strength you can prevail over it once and for all!

So if you are consistently or currently struggling with seemingly unbearable premenstrual tension and searching for a cure, look no further! These free positive affirmations will serve as an excellent treatment for your premenstrual tensions.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am in control of my emotions
I overcome hormonal tendencies
I am strong against premenstrual tension
I shut out negative thoughts about premenstrual tension
I love being a woman
I embrace my femininity
My premenstrual tension is manageable
I avoid negative thoughts
My premenstrual symptoms are nonexistent
I have power over my body


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop feeling premenstrual symptoms
My premenstrual symptoms will stop bothering me
I will take charge of my emotions
I will be unaffected by premenstrual pain
I will stop dreading my period
I will accept strange dreams and feelings
My premenstrual pains are becoming less of an issue
I will overpower premenstrual symptoms
I will stop channeling negative energy
My premenstrual symptoms will calm down


Natural Affirmations
I am immune to premenstrual tensions
Premenstrual tension is something I do not experience
I get through my period with no trouble at all
I never notice premenstrual symptoms
I am always ready to take on the world
I never feel premenstrual tension
I am always happy and healthy
Menstruation does not affect my well-being
I am victorious over premenstrual tension
Nothing stands in the way of my happiness

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Recommended References for Controlling Premenstrual Tension

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Natural Tranquility Hypnosis: Though it may seem internally disrupting, on the contrary, premenstrual tension is quite natural. It’s an age-old nuisance to women around the world, and it not only damages your peace, but, as you probably know, it also affects those around you. Natural tranquility is the key- being at harmony with your menstruation cycle and all that entails will bring you a step closer to overcoming premenstrual pains. Try this impeccable album, it’s sure to bring you back to peace at mind.

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