Relationship Insecurity Positive Affirmations


Relationship insecurity affects many people across the world. It can be extremely difficult to sustain a relationship if a lot of insecurity is present and this can directly affect relationships you may have in the future too. For many, relationship insecurity stems from two different reasons: a lack of self confidence, from being badly treated in a past relationship or from a combination of the two.

Our relationship insecurity positive affirmations are a useful tool to get rid of issues within a relationship. Feeling of insecurity can ruin an otherwise good relationship and potentially future relationships too. Use the positive affirmations regularly in order to diminish insecurity and uncertainty from your life.

Positive affirmations are simply short phrases that when repeated enough will affect your subconscious mind and eventually your way of thinking. They can allow you to overcome issues from the past also issues of self confidence. Ultimately, they are able to stop your feelings of insecurity from ruining every relationship you have.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am confident enough not to worry about my relationship
I can forget the past and move on with my life
I am a confident person who can achieve anything
I deserve a happy relationship
My self esteem is higher than it ever has been
My relationship allows me to be happier
I am able to concentrate on the positive aspects of my relationship
I find it easy to trust my partner
I am naturally happy in my relationship
I enjoy being in my relationship


Future Tense Affirmations
I will learn to trust my partner more
I will stop thinking negatively about every relationship I have
I am transforming into a happier person
I will not ruin another relationship with my insecurities
Every day I become more confident
Other people are starting to notice how good my relationship is
I will not let the past ruin my relationship
I am turning into someone who is less insecure
I will make more of an effort with my relationship
I will appreciate my partner more


Natural Affirmations
Just because I have been cheated on in the past does not mean it will happen again
I enjoy being in a relationship
Others look at my relationship and envy it
I am happy when I do not feel insecure
My partner is happier when I am less insecure
Staying positive stops my feelings of insecurity
My partner wants to be with me
The past no longer matters to me
I deserve to be in a loving relationship
My relationship is very important to me and my partner

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