Lasting Relationship Positive Affirmations


Do you ever wonder what makes a relationship last? It’s frustrating because sometimes the relationships that SHOULD last simply don’t, and on the other hand the ones that we think are going to fail end up being committed and lasting relationships!

To make a relationship last you need to actively nurture it as though you were growing a plant, or tending to your house. A healthy relationship requires upkeep, attention, and lots of love! When all of these things are in place it can withstand just about anything that comes its way.

If you want to do everything possible to be sure your relationship is secure, full of love, and healthy enough that you and your partner will be together forever – then these affirmations will really help you to get into the positive, loving, and relationship focused mindset that is needed to build a strong, committed, secure partnership.

And the best part?

When you make this change within yourself, your partner picks up on this energy and starts to make positive internal changes as well!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am positive and loving
I support my partner unconditionally
I am deeply in love
I always communicate honestly, openly, and with respect
I am in a lasting relationship
I am focused on growing a healthy relationship
I always take my partner’s point of view into consideration
I am kind and considerate
I am able to draw boundaries
I always honor my relationship


Future Tense Affirmations
I will build a lasting relationship
My relationship is getting stronger every day
I will always love and appreciate my partner
The respect between my partner and I is growing
I am starting to communicate honestly with my partner
I am falling more and more in love
I will be grateful for my relationship
Each day I become a better partner
I will nurture and protect my relationship
I will strive to express love and respect on a daily basis


Natural Affirmations
I deserve to have a lasting relationship
My relationship is a top priority in my life
I enjoy going out of my way to make my partner happy
It is important that I feel loved and secure
There is a natural connection between my partner and I
I can build the lasting relationship of my dreams
Nurturing a healthy relationship comes naturally to me
My partner effortlessly senses my love
Taking care of my relationship is of utmost importance
There is a natural trust within my relationship

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