Save Money Positive Affirmations


Here are our save money positive affirmations.

If you struggle to consistently save money then you most likely have habitual thought patterns that are preventing you from becoming the kind of person who is responsible with their finances. Chances are you spend money when you shouldn’t, have too many unnecessary financial obligations, and constantly lose track of your financial plan.

What’s happened is that you’ve become so accustomed to thinking and acting in a certain manner that no matter how hard you try, it seems nearly impossible to make a positive and lasting change. The good news is that these dysfunctional patterns CAN be changed.

Positive affirmations will allow you to penetrate into the deepest part of your mind and begin forming new patterns, positive ones, that will finally allow you to become the kind of person who just naturally saves money and always has control over their finances.

Choose the affirmations that resonate strongly with you and find some time each day (first thing in the morning is ideal) to say them to yourself and allow them to flow into your mind. In a short time you will find it much easier to save money, track your finances, and resist the temptation of wasting your money on things you don’t need.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am good at saving money
I am smart with my money
I am dedicated to saving money
I always find ways to save money
I am in total control of my finances
I closely track my spending habits
I successfully plan my finances and always have left over money to save
I am capable of consistently saving money
I am highly disciplined with my money and never spend it impulsively
I am constantly growing my savings account


Future Tense Affirmations
I will save my money
My savings account is beginning to grow
I am finding it easier to control my spending habits
I am transforming into someone who easily manages their finances
I am developing a positive attitude towards money
Each day it becomes easier to save money
I am becoming highly focused on being smart with my money
I am transforming into someone who makes healthy spending decisions
I am developing rock solid financial discipline
I will always find a way to save money


Natural Affirmations
I find it easy to save money
Saving money is something I enjoy
Proper money management is making it easier to save money
Being smart with my finances comes naturally to me
I am just naturally good at controlling my finances and saving money
Saving money feels good
Being financially responsible is very important to me
People look up to me as someone who is smart with money
Saving money seems effortless
Being in control of my money is making my life better


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