Surfing Skills Positive Affirmations


Here are our surfing positive affirmations. These affirmations will help you to improve your surfing talents beyond your conceived maximum capabilities.

A determined, focused, and positive mindset are vital to concentrating on the necessary techniques used in surfing. Improve your paddling abilities, your skill in popping up, and your balance by concentrating on these affirmations designed just for you. You’ll be riding those waves in no time by keeping your heart in surfing and by applying your mind to these affirmations.

Whether you’ve been in a slump or you just want to improve your already well-developed skills, practicing these affirmations will turn you into a better surfer by allowing you to relax out on the water while, at the same time, sharpening your self-confidence and enlarging your surfer potential.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am confident in my surfing abilities
I am a great surfer
I feel comfortable out on the water
I have spectacular surfing skills
I have excellent balance
I am talented at paddling
I find it easy to stay on the board
I can surf well with minimal effort
I naturally know when to catch a wave
Staying balanced on the board comes naturally to me


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become an excellent surfer
I will embrace the challenge of holding on to a wave
I am improving with every wave that I ride
I am turning into someone who is confident in their surfing abilities
I am becoming naturally determined and well-balanced
I will stay persistent in my surfing talents
I will keep practicing no matter what
I am turning into an excellent surfer
I know that I will be a great surfer someday
I will do everything I can to stay balanced


Natural Affirmations
Catching a wave comes naturally to me
I find paddling easy
Being a surfer is the most natural thing in the world
Being a surfer is my natural rite
Staying balanced on the board is something I just do naturally
Being out on the water is my natural way of life
Surfing is a positive thing in my life
People see me as someone who never falls off the board
People look up to me as a talented surfer
Being a great surfer is important to me

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Recommended Tools to Improve Your Surfing

Surfing Training Aid: The objective of this album is to guide you in your quest to become a better surfer. Enhance your surfing training by finding the ability to develop the proper mindset for surfing which will help advance your cohesiveness with the board and allow you to master your balance out on the water.

Improve Concentration Hypnosis: Surfing is all about concentration, whether it’s tuning into the movement of the wave or paying attention to the distribution of your weight when popping up on the board. This hypnosis session will develop your concentration to control your mind on whatever you’re most passionate about so you can fine-tune your surfing skills to the best they can be.

Stop Being Clumsy Subliminal: Professional surfers can stay on the board for long periods of time with unmatchable balance and full confidence in their own physical limitations. Being a well-balanced individual is vital for riding intense waves for as long as possible, and this subliminal will get you there by wearing away at clumsy tenancies.