Social Anxiety Positive Affirmations


Social situations beckon some people with comfort and excitement, while they create feelings of anxiety and fear in others. Embrace crowds and eliminate social anxiety by practicing these positive affirmations regularly.

Being socially adept can improve many areas of your life. Your career choices will multiply, your social circle will expand, and your self esteem will soar once you shed social anxiety. It is completely possible to become outgoing and confident in groups and when meeting new people if you commit to changing your views of others and yourself.

Take control of your social life today by reciting these affirmations for social anxiety. Before long you will find yourself meeting new people and seeking out social gatherings confidently!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a social butterfly
I love meeting new people
I enjoy being in a crowd
I am very social
I seek out others
I am comfortable in groups
I meet new people easily
I am outgoing
I have loads of confidence
High self esteem is one of my best traits


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more socially confident
I will meet new people easily
I will relax at parties
I am starting to feel more at ease in social situations
Others will see me as a social butterfly
I am increasing my self esteem
I will transform into someone who is effortlessly outgoing
I will enjoy meeting new people
I will just be myself and have a carefree attitude
I am noticing I feel more comfortable in crowds


Natural Affirmations
Meeting new people is fun
I can effortlessly maintain eye contact
Being in crowds is comfortable
My confidence is high
Others see me as outgoing
My self esteem is high
Socializing is easy
Meeting new people comes easily to me
Staying calm in groups is easy
Being outgoing feels natural

Recommended for overcoming Social Anxiety

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