Stop Premature Ejaculation Positive Affirmations


You can rewire your mind and last longer in bed by using these specially designed positive affirmations. They will help you to overcome problems with premature ejaculation and retake control of your sex life!

Sexual response is so closely related to mental activity that, if you can gain a measure of control over your core thought processes, you can effortlessly last longer while still enjoying immense sexual pleasure.

Imagine just letting go and having sex for as long as you want, and not having to exert intense mental effort to stop yourself from ejaculating!

You can achieve this by using these affirmations every day to naturally develop a strong degree of mental and physical sexual control.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great lover
I am in control of when I ejaculate
I always last a long time in bed
My sexual stamina is amazing
I can please my lover for hours and hours
I always maintain sexual control
I am conquering premature ejaculation
I make love to my partner slowly
I always take the time to slow down and enjoy sex
I am an extremely romantic lover


Future Tense Affirmations
I will develop the self control of a skilled lover
I am developing total sexual confidence
My sexual energy is becoming more regulated
I will ejaculate when I choose
I will make love for as long as I want
Controlling myself is becoming easier and easier
I am finding it easier to just let go and enjoy the beauty of sex
I will focus on pleasing my partner
My mind is growing stronger
Controlling my sexual response is starting to feel effortless


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy having sex for long periods of time
Being a great lover comes naturally to me
Sexual confidence is my natural right
I can experience intense sexual pleasure without ejaculating
Maintaining control over myself is easy
Sex is beautiful
During sex I am naturally relaxed and free from stress
Having intense, powerful, long lasting sex is important to me
My partner and I always have amazing sex
I can choose when I wish to ejaculate

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