Female Orgasm Positive Affirmations


Sexual satisfaction is highly dependent on your state of mind, and especially with women, sexual pleasure does not stem from physical stimulation alone. Your feelings, your thoughts, your emotions, all of these factors are essential to experiencing amazing sex that will lead to intense, powerful, fulfilling orgasms.

These positive affirmations have been designed to help you tap into the power of your mind and achieve the kind of orgasms that you never knew were even possible. They will help you to unleash your sexual energy, enhance your connection to your partner, and make it easier for you to relax and reach climax.

With a bit of dedication to applying these affirmations to your life on a daily basis, you can become the kind of woman that has exciting, fulfilling, and orgasmic sex on a regular basis.

Get started today, take control of your sex life, and unleash the erotic power of your mind!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a sexual woman
I am filled with erotic energy
I am on the brink of having a powerful orgasm
I am comfortable, relaxed, and open to sexual pleasure
I am capable of multiple orgasms
I am able to let go of inhibitions and enjoy wild sex
I am always in the mood for sexual pleasure
I am excited, turned on, and ready for an intense orgasm
My emotional connection to my partner heightens my sexual pleasure
I am in touch with my natural sexual energy


Future Tense Affirmations
I will have a powerful orgasm
I will relax, let go, and allow myself to climax
Having orgasms is becoming easier and easier
My body is becoming more sensitive to sexual pleasure
I am beginning to crave sex all the time
I am finding it easier to just relax and enjoy my body
Each day I become more in touch with my body and its sexual needs
I am developing my sexual mind-body connection
I am becoming a highly sexual woman
My sexual powers are increasing


Natural Affirmations
I have a powerful sex drive
Sexual pleasure is a beautiful gift that I deserve to receive
Having orgasms is the most natural thing in the world
I can climax easily and frequently
My emotional bond with my partner helps me to achieve orgasm
I am naturally relaxed and comfortable with my sexuality
I can have multiple orgasms
Feeling sexually satisfied is my natural right
It is important that I feel a deep emotional and sexual connection to my partner
Exploring my body and discovering my sexual needs is a priority in my life

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