Sexual Confidence Positive Affirmations


How would you like to develop strong sexual confidence? And by confidence we mean the kind that allows you to really tap into your sexual nature and totally unleash your true potential!

Having sexual confidence will allow you to experience the kind of sex that you can’t even imagine. Just think about how it would feel to be totally sure of yourself, secure in your body, free from insecurities, and open to embracing your deepest sexual nature.

Not only would your sex life be totally out of this world, but you would become an amazing lover for your partner and inspire them to let go and unleash their own sexual power.

These positive affirmations make all of this possible, if you use them consistently they will eliminate the negative mental blocks that are keeping you from expressing your sexual confidence and power. You will feel totally free to be your self, explore your wildest fantasies, and have the kind of sex life that others can only dream of.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am sexually confident
I am a great lover
I am a powerful sexual being
I am in touch with my deepest sexual nature and desire
I always please my partner
I am open to new sexual experiences
I am secure in my body and celebrate its sexuality
I express my deepest sexual needs
I am full of sexual energy and potential
My body tingles with sexual magnetism


Future Tense Affirmations
I will unleash my sexual confidence
I will express my sexual nature
I am developing magnetic sexual power
I am becoming sexually confident
My sexual confidence is growing
I am overcoming my sexual insecurities
I am starting to explore my wildest fantasies
I will provide immense sexual pleasure to my partner
I am becoming a highly skilled lover
I am noticing that my partner is more turned on by my sexual confidence


Natural Affirmations
I have unlimited sexual power
I love pleasuring my partner
Sexual confidence comes naturally to me
I can please my partner endlessly
Feeling sexually confident is a natural part of my life
My lover is attracted to my sexual confidence
Exploring my sexual fantasies is important
My sexual confidence is magnetic
I love trying new things sexually
Sexual exploration is natural and normal

Recommended Tools for Sexual Confidence

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Sexual Confidence Subliminal: Tap into your subconscious mind with these expertly designed subliminal affirmations that will reprogram your core beliefs and thoughts about sex. It will help you to attain massive sexual confidence, have an exciting and adventurous love life, and bring a level of pleasure to your lover that will totally blow them away.