Tai Chi Positive Affirmations


If you want to improve your energy, or chi, for martial arts or meditative reasons, these affirmations will help you focus intensely on your tai chi movements.

There are many benefits to perfecting tai chi techniques that range from improving circulation and posture, to defending yourself calmly and confidently. Tai chi experts are able to circulate their inner energy for balanced relaxation and to channel external forces out and away. It is a powerful way to defend against others and to become more centered.

Recite these tai chi affirmations regularly to develop your technique and calm yourself. You will find yourself naturally focused and relaxed from within.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am focused on tai chi
I am relaxed
I have superior circulation
I have great concentration
I am a tai chi expert
I have perfect posture
My tai chi technique is flawless
I am aware
I enjoy practicing tai chi
I can defend myself effortlessly


Future Tense Affirmations
I will practice tai chi regularly
Focusing my mind is becoming easier
I will effortlessly relax
I will overcome distractions
I will become a tai chi master
I will maintain my posture
I will be aware of my chi
My tai chi skills are developing steadily
I will be sensitive to my body’s movements
My mind is coming into harmony with my body


Natural Affirmations
Relaxing comes naturally to me
I can develop my awareness with tai chi
My mind is naturally calm during tai chi
I am naturally focused during tai chi
Others see me as a tai chi master
I have naturally perfect tai chi posture
I can easily block out distractions
I enjoy my tai chi practice
My chi is evident within me
Tai chi is a way of life for me

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Recommended Tools for Tai Chi

Tai Chi Training Aid Subliminal: If you struggle to reach a calm state of mind to develop your tai chi, this album will help you relax and focus your mind naturally. The subliminal messages are designed to target your subconscious mind and develop your mental and physical control to make concentration, calmness, and direction happen much more effortlessly and naturally.

Natural Tranquility Hypnosis: Through the power of hypnosis, this album will have you feeling relaxed, tranquil, and refreshed. It works to provide immediate relaxation and also to keep you from getting overwhelmed long after you have listened to it.

Tai Chi Subliminal: If your mind wanders or you struggle to stay engaged during your tai chi sessions, this subliminal album will help center you. It is designed to keep you in the moment and focused on your tai chi.