Aug 052013

Children often say insightful, mind blowing things. All we need to do is listen to them without dismissing their thoughts with our limited mindset that often rejects words of wisdom that do not fit into our mold of thinking, especially coming from a child.

The video bellow showcases a boy with fabulously insightful thoughts on alternate universes, the limits of human perception, meaning of life, destiny, why sports are necessary and a few more of the toughest questions humanity will ever face.

What makes his answers even more mind blowing is the fact that he is only nine years old, and that he obviously gave lots thought to such age old questions that the human race has trouble answering even today.

The man who interviewed the kid says that that the boy was in no way prepared for the interview, that he is not home schooled and that what the nine year old says is likely not reiteration of what his parents said to him.

Watching this video I would tend to agree, as it seems too spontaneous and leaves no doubt that the boy shows an intriguing level of mental clarity and knows what he is talking about.

Anyways, enough rambling – watch this amazing seven minute video on Youtube:


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