Wrestling Positive Affirmations


Uncover your true wrestling potential with these wrestling affirmations. They will take your skills to new heights and help you build the necessary state of mind for becoming a great wrestler.

If you are dedicated to training rigorously and focusing flawlessly, then these affirmations will help your mind harmonize with your body. Opponents won’t know what hit them when you unleash your impenetrable holds and unforgiving slams. It all starts with aligning your goals with your capabilities and following through.

These affirmations will keep you focused on training, build your confidence, and will help you visualize success so that you can take your wrestling skills to the next level.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a skilled wrestler
I am full of confidence
I am a winner
I have amazing strength
I am focused
I am determined to win
I have strong slams
I have secure pins
I enjoy training
I am in great shape


Future Tense Affirmations
I will train to the best of my ability
I will win matches
I will practice intensely
I will maintain focus
I will concentrate on winning
I will get in top form
I will develop my pinning technique
I will perfect my slams
I am building my confidence
I am increasing my focus


Natural Affirmations
I can pin any opponent
My grappling technique is solid
My holds are strong
Winning comes naturally to me
I live to wrestle
Opponents fear me
Others recognize my wrestling ability
Assertiveness comes naturally to me
Training is fun
Practicing is part of my normal daily routine

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Self Belief Hypnosis: Believing in yourself can give you a huge edge over your opponent. Think about how much more intensity and power someone has when they are confident and fired up before a match. This hypnosis will help you to develop a high level of self belief that will really help you to unleash your potential.

Wrestling Training Subliminal: While this album does not promise to turn you from a couch potato to an overnight wrestling champ, it does assure you that you will be more motivated to train to reach your wrestling potential, and that you have the right state of mind for improving your skills and developing your body to its true strength potential.