American Football Positive Affirmations


One of the most popular sports in America, football requires agility, speed, strength, and a winning attitude. Keep your mind in the game and train it to win through these positive affirmations.

Football in America is a well-liked pastime that unites fans of all ages from across the country, and sparks lighthearted rivalry amongst competing teams. Playing football successfully is part natural athletic skill and part mental conditioning. Using these positive affirmations regularly will help to keep you focused on defeating your opponent, running your fastest, and throwing touchdowns or making amazing catches.

Remaining mentally poised to win and staying on target during practice is imperative to being a great football player, and is completely possible through these positive affirmations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I run fast
I am a solid player
I always train hard
I am focused on winning
I throw accurately
I block successfully
I am very coordinated
I am highly focused during practice
I am dedicated to training
I am motivated to win


Future Tense Affirmations
I will train regularly
I will focus on winning
I will throw perfectly
I will outrun my opponent
I will stay focused on the game
I will concentrate on playing my best
I will run fast
I will play a great game
I will sharpen my reflexes
I will think clearly in pressure situations


Natural Affirmations
Football is my life
I have a winning attitude
Competing is fun
Running fast feels natural
Intense Focus comes naturally to me
Consistent training is important to my success
My throws are naturally on target
My body is perfect for football
I love studying football plays
My coordination is perfect

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