Anti Aging Positive Affirmations


Would you like to look and feel younger?

Of course you would! And as we all know the absolute most important thing for achieving this is to have a youthful mindset, because when you are thinking positively and staying mentally active, your body will react accordingly!

These affirmations will help you to regain that youthful mindset that frees up your mind and body to become healthy, active, and enthusiastically involved with life!

So without further delay, here they are!

Present Tense Affirmations
My mind is sharp
I am full of youthful energy
I am healthy and strong
My mind is in top shape
I have a youthful mindset
I am young at heart
My immune system is strong and vibrant
I am as healthy as a teenager
I am the healthiest I’ve ever been
I am energetic and enthusiastic


Future Tense Affirmations
I will maintain vibrant health
I am starting to feel younger and younger
My mind is becoming sharper with age
My enthusiasm for life is increasing
I am growing stronger and stronger
Each day I feel younger and more alive
My mind is becoming stronger
I will take care of my body
I am becoming healthier with age
I will be someone who maintains amazing health into old age


Natural Affirmations
I feel young
I am naturally healthy
I have a naturally high energy level
I live a healthy, active, and exciting life
People see me as someone with amazing health
My body is naturally strong and vibrant
My mind is healthy and active
I am the kind of person who gets healthier with age
My enthusiasm for life is strong
I am full of youthful energy


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