Reverse Gray Hair Positive Affirmations


How would you like to reverse your gray hair, naturally increase melanin production, and restore your natural hair color?

We believe in the power of the mind-body connection and it’s potential to create massive changes to health through the power of positive thinking. Which is why we encourage you to use this free set of positive affirmations to help you restore your natural hair color.

These affirmations have been designed to create new mental patterns that will stimulate hair cell health, increase melanin production (your hair color pigment), reduce stress, and reverse gray hair.

Remember, the key is consistency, and that combined with a relaxed and tranquil approach will give you the best shot at reversing your gray hair and restoring your natural hair color.

So here they are, time to get started – May you have beautiful, healthy, richly colorful hair!

Present Tense Affirmations
My hair is beautiful
My hair is healthy
My hair cells are in perfect condition
I am producing high levels of melanin
My hair is naturally rich in color
My hair cells are producing my natural color in abundance
I am relaxed, tranquil, and sending positive energy to my scalp
I am reversing my gray hair
I am restoring my natural hair color
My hair cells are producing abundant melanin


Future Tense Affirmations
I will reverse the graying process
I am starting to notice my natural hair color returning
Each day my hair cells produce more and more melanin
My hair cells are becoming healthier and healthier
I will restore my natural hair color
I will do everything needed to have healthy beautiful hair
I will support my hair cell health by living a healthy and relaxed lifestyle
I am transforming into someone with healthy beautiful hair
Regular relaxation is beginning to improve the health of my hair cells
Others are starting to notice an improvement in my hair color


Natural Affirmations
My hair is naturally healthy
I have perfectly healthy hair cells
I can restore my natural hair color
People admire my youthful looking hair
My hair cells can produce abundant amounts of melanin
Having beautiful hair is just a normal part of my life
Reversing gray hair is easy
I love my natural hair color
Producing melanin in high quantities is something I just do naturally
Relaxation and positive thinking will help to reverse my gray hair


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Recommended Tool to Reverse Gray Hair

Reverse Gray Hair Subliminal: This is a great natural remedy for reversing gray hair and restoring natural hair health and color. It uses subliminal messages to relax the mind and send positive healing energy to your subconscious where it will encourage your body to produce natural hair color pigment, improve hair cell health, and alleviate any excess stress and tension.