Attract Romance Positive Affirmations


Here are your attract romance positive affirmations.

You can use these affirmations to bring your conscious and subconscious mind into a state of positive harmony that will completely energize your efforts at attracting romance into your life. Can you imagine what it feels like to have an exciting and passionate romantic relationship? Love, affection, emotional bliss – these things are totally within your power to manifest when you rewire your mind for positive belief.

We highly recommend that you visualize what it will feel like to have the romantic relationship of your dreams, this will attune your consciousness to the reality you wish to create and give a huge boost to your law of attraction efforts. If you use visualization in conjunction with our positive affirmations you will be totally equipped to attract romance into your life.

Get started today and you will easily reprogram your mind for positivity, you will radiate a loving energy that tells the universe you are ready to receive romance into your life, and you will naturally attract the passion your heart longs for.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am attracting romance
The law of attraction is attracting romance into my life
My mind is perfectly attuned to attracting a romantic relationship
I radiate a loving energy that will draw romantic passion into my life
My thoughts are effortlessly concentrated on attracting romance
I am attracting a romantic relationship
Others see me as someone who is passionate and exciting
I am full of romantic energy
I am visualizing what it will feel like to have the romance of my dreams
I am ready for romance


Future Tense Affirmations
I will attract romance
I am beginning to attract romance into my life
I will use the law of attraction to produce a powerfully romantic experience
I am developing the necessary mindset for manifesting a beautiful romance
Passion, romance, and love are in my future
An exciting romance is coming my way
I will have an exciting romantic relationship
I am transforming into someone who naturally attracts romance
I am starting to believe in my power to attract romance into my life
Others are starting to notice my romantic energy


Natural Affirmations
I naturally attract romance
I can attract romance into my life
Visualizing a beautiful romance is something I just do naturally
I find it easy to manifest romance with the law of attraction
Attracting an exciting romance into my life is something I have the power to do
I deserve to have a deeply moving romantic experience
I can feel what it will be like to have a passionate romance
I have a deep yearning to feel passion and romance
I just naturally give off a romantic energy that others are drawn to
I truly believe that I will attract romance into my life



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