Back Pain Positive Affirmations


If you struggle with back pain, it might surprise you to know that you can actually use your mind to relax and heal your back.These positive affirmations will help you tap into your mind and create positive, relaxing, and healing thoughts that will bring relief from back pain.

The mind-body connection is often overlooked when experiencing pain because we can’t help but to be completely focused on the physical sensations of pain. This often leads to mental stress and tension, which in turn creates more stress and tension in the body. To break this cycle you need to take control of your thoughts and take control of the pain cycle.

You should use these positive affirmations whenever you are going through a pain episode, they will really help you to calm your back muscles and reduce pain. And in addition you should also use these affirmations on a daily basis, even if you aren’t experiencing any pain, to ensure long term recovery and healing. In time they will help you to solidify your mind-body connection, relax and strengthen your back muscles, and even develop healthier posture.

Now take a deep breath, relax, choose your favorite affirmations, and start on the path to a life free from back pain 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free from back pain
My back muscles are relaxed
My back is strong and healthy
I am sending positive healing thoughts to my back
My mind is calm and stress free
I am in control of my back muscles
I am releasing tension in my back
I always maintain a healthy posture
I always take care of my back
I protect my back when lifting heavy objects


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become free from back pain
I will develop a strong and healthy back
I am finding it easier to relax my back muscles
Each day my back feels better and better
I will heal my back
Positive thinking is beginning to help my back pain
My posture is improving
My back is starting to feel more relaxed
I will develop strong back muscles
I will be careful when lifting and bending


Natural Affirmations
My back is naturally strong
I have a naturally healthy back
I can let go of the stress and tension in my body
Good posture comes naturally to me
I find it easy to relax my back muscles
My back is naturally straight and aligned
A healthy back is my natural right
My mind and body are connected, in sync, and working towards my health
Taking care of my back is something I just do naturally
I have a natural ability to heal myself



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