Stop Comfort Eating Positive Affirmations


Here are 30 positive affirmations to help you stop comfort eating.

Eating feels good because we have to eat to survive. Every time you eat, your brain releases feel good chemicals that reward you for doing something that ensures your survival. The problem begins when we get addicted to these feel good chemicals and end up eating more than we really need. In time this develops into a deeply conditioned pattern of eating for comfort and mood stabilization.

Ironically, in the long run this pattern of comfort eating leads only to sickness, lowered self esteem, and depression. You can take control of this problem by taking control of your mind, and that’s exactly what these positive affirmations will help you do.

Consistent use of these affirmations will help you eliminate habitual comfort eating, take control of your weight, and rewire your mind to crave food only when you are truly hungry. We encourage you to make a commitment to take better care of your body starting today, and what better way to get started than with our positive affirmations!

Present Tense Affirmations
I listen to my body and eat only when I am truly hungry
I always find productive ways to deal with anxiety and stress
I am overcoming my comfort eating
I am in control of what and when I eat
My mind has a strong and healthy connection to my body
I can easily go without snacking
I am in full control of my impulses
I have the strength to stop comfort eating
I always stick to my regular meal times
I have a healthy relationship to food


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop comfort eating
I will respect and nurture my body
I will find a healthier way to deal with negative emotions
I am starting to realize that food is not the answer to a problem
I am getting a grip on my comfort eating
My eating habits are improving
I am building a healthy relationship to food
I am transforming into someone who is responsible with food
My willpower is strengthening
I am finding it easier to eat only when I’m hungry


Natural Affirmations
I know that food is not the solution to emotional stress
Dealing with my emotions in a healthy way is something I do naturally
Setting regular meal times and sticking to them is a normal part of my life
Taking control of my impulses will help me defeat comfort eating
I have a natural and healthy relationship to food
Responsibility for my health is something I take seriously
Controlling my impulses is something I just naturally do
I listen to my body and easily know when I am truly hungry
I can find more productive ways of comforting myself other than eating
Loving my body and doing what’s best for it is something I just do naturally

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Recommended Tools to Stop Comfort Eating

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