Debt Management Positive Affirmations


When you’re in a debt rut and the end doesn’t seem anywhere near where you’re standing, don’t panic – the end is often much closer than it feels. When you’re scrambling to control your debt and the obligations associated with it, the first thing you have to do is think positive.

Thinking positive may sound corny from the get-go, but there is absolutely a necessity to do so if you want to start conquering the enormous debt you feel like is crushing you.

Keep these affirmations in mind as a daily guide to how you should think about your debt. With time and effort, your mind can clear away the years of dust and clutter that have plagued it for so long and start to form new, fresher, and healthier connections to the world around it, thus bringing not only a positive feeling of “I can get out of this debt today!” but the ability to actually do it.

Focus on what you can do today and tomorrow to clear the pile of debt away and worry about everything else later. You can do this – you can make a positive dent in your debt today, and keep it out of your life for good once it’s gone.

Get started now and find yourself on the right track today!

These affirmations were submitted by Elizabeth Roque; she is an in-house writer for She presents information about debt relief services, credit card debt relief, and getting out of debt on a variety of financial sites online.

Present Tense Affirmations
I can manage my debt today
I am capable of managing my debt
I always spend my money wisely
I am focused on a debt free lifestyle
I am dedicated to removing all debt complication from my life
I am disciplined in my spending habits
I am strong in willpower to spend only what I need to spend
I am living a frugal lifestyle
I am motivated to be completely out of debt
I am organized and reducing my debt today


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become financially fit
I will transform into a financially organized person
I am becoming more financially independent every day
Living a frugal lifestyle is becoming more natural
I will climb out of debt and live free
I will always say no to the things I do not need
I will follow my budget and use my organizing skills
I am finding it easier to climb out of the hole of debt
Maintaining financial discipline is becoming easier
I am finding it easier to manage my finances


Natural Affirmations
Living Debt Free is my natural way of life
I love working towards financial independence
I deserve to be debt free
I am naturally organized in my spending
I will think positively and bring my debt to a close
I use all of the tools I need to reduce my debt
I believe in my ability to manage all of my debt well
I enjoy becoming a debt free person
I find it easy to spend within my assigned budget
Proper debt management brings me peace


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