Depression Positive Affirmations


Everyone feels sad from time to time but if you are feeling sad on a constant basis and it’s interfering with your life then you could be suffering from depression.

Depression is not a nice thing to suffer from and many who are suffering from it feel like nothing can help them to overcome it but there are things you can do to beat depression.

One of the things you can do to overcome depression is to use positive affirmations. You see, depression is to do with your thinking and using positive affirmations allows you to change the way you think and this leads to a change in the way you behave.

The affirmations on this page have been designed to help you to overcome depression, take the ones that resonate with you and repeat them on a daily basis and pretty soon you will start to notice that you are feeling much more happier and your depression is fading away.

Present Tense Affirmations
I find it easy to stay positive
I only focus on the positive things in my life
I am happy
I have a strong mind
I find it easy to think only positive thoughts
I am free from negative thoughts
I am happy with who I am
I am free of depression
I just naturally stay positive
I find it easy to stay happy


Future Tense Affirmations
I will beat depression
Each day I am finding myself more happy
I am finding myself less depressed
I am turning into someone who stays strong no matter what
I will be free of negativity
I will only focus on the best of life
I will only think positive thoughts
I am turning into a positive thinker
I will learn to love myself
I am turning into someone who enjoys life


Natural Affirmations
Being free of depression is my natural rite
I find thinking positively easy
Beating depression has made me a stronger person
I have overcome depression
I am nothing but happy
I constantly remind myself that life is great
I have and always will love who I am
People see me as someone who enjoys life
If there is one thing I enjoy it is life
Being free of depression is the greatest thing ever

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Recommended Resources To Beat Depression

Positive Thinking Subliminal: Your mind is very powerful and directly controls the way that your body behaves, so if you’re thinking negative thoughts then you are going to feel sad and feel depressed. It’s important then that you think nothing but positive thoughts and this subliminal will help you to do that by feeding your subconscious mind positive statements.

Be Happy Hypnosis: This hypnosis will help to instill in you the thought patterns that all happy people have in common and will help turn you into someone who thinks positive no matter what life throws at them.

Overcome Depression Subliminal: This subliminal audio will help you to overcome your depression by replacing all your negative thoughts with positive thoughts and help turn you into a happy person who doesn’t let life get them down.