Fear of Doctors Positive Affirmations


Are you the type of person who resists visiting the doctor’s office until there is positively no other option? If you find yourself dreading the doctor more than is healthy, these affirmations are designed for you!

Doctors are professionals hired to cure and help people, yet many patients find themselves self-diagnosing and self-treating just to avoid the dreaded doctor’s office visit. If you cured your fear of doctors you could attend yearly exams effortlessly, ask a myriad of health questions easily, and improve your overall health exponentially.

Take the first steps to overcoming the biggest barrier between you and a healthier future by letting go of your fear of doctors. Reciting these positive affirmations to yourself regularly will give you the power to reprogram your mind and make a trip to the doctor’s office easy and smooth!

Present Tense Affirmations
I like doctors
I enjoy going to the doctor’s office
I look forward to speaking with the doctor
I am cured of my fear of doctors
I am relaxed around doctors
My health is important to me
I always seek health advice from my doctor
I get all of my health questions answered by my doctor
I attend regular exams
I am comfortable talking with doctors


Future Tense Affirmations
I will visit the doctor
I will make regular doctor’s appointments
I will overcome my fear of doctors
I am finding myself more naturally relaxed around doctors
I am beginning to like my doctor
I will ask the doctor questions easily
I will stay in control of my emotions
I will control my thoughts
I will look forward to seeing the doctor
I will feel safe around doctors


Natural Affirmations
Doctors are healers
Doctors’ offices are calming
Getting my questions answered is easy
Doctors make me feel safe
My thoughts are controlled
My mind is calm around doctors
I live a carefree and relaxed life
Doctors help keep me healthy
I appreciate my doctor
Controlling my emotions is easy

Recommended Tools for Fear of Doctors

Fear of Surgery & Doctors Subliminal: This album will help you conquer your fear of doctors and surgery. It promotes positive feelings about the medical profession to help melt your fears away and become someone who is naturally relaxed and calm around health professionals.

Fear of Dentists Hypnosis: If your fear of doctors includes dentists, then this album is for you. It works to reverse the ingrained fear that you have of dentists so that you no longer have irrational thoughts about dentist visits.