Fear of Death Positive Affirmations


Discover the freedom and joy that life can offer when you use these positive affirmations to shed your fear of death.

The truth is that the gift of life will eventually end for every one of us in death. However, living in constant fear of dying can keep you from enjoying your life and truly living. The angst that thoughts of death cause is manageable and surmountable if you learn how to train your mind. You have the power to break free from your fears and live the life you deserve!

Begin reciting these affirmations regularly to bring out the positivity and vitality that life inherently holds for you.

Start today and take control of your mind and your life for good!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am calm when thinking about death
I am free from fear of death
I am calm at funerals
I can speak easily about death
I live life to the fullest
I have cured my fear of death
I am in control of my thoughts
I am calm when thinking about dying
I am unafraid of dying
I always live for the present moment


Future Tense Affirmations
I will let go of my fear of death
I will be calm at funerals
I will be in control of my thoughts
I will talk about death easily
I will live life fully
I will lead a carefree life
I will accept death and live life to the fullest
I will stay calm when thinking about dying
I will release my death anxiety
I will live fearlessly


Natural Affirmations
My life is full
Others see me as a carefree person
My fear of death is gone
Thinking of death is no big deal
I am naturally at peace with death
Controlling my thoughts is easy
I embrace the cycle of life and death
I have a fearless and joyous attitude towards life
Being carefree comes naturally to me
Death is just the next stage of life

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Recommended to beat Fear of Death

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Fear of Death Hypnosis: While the thought of death can cause emotional trauma, it doesn’t have to. This hypnosis album will rewire your mind to think more positively about death and the beautiful cycle of life that we are all a natural part of.