Stop Paranoia Positive Affirmations


Sometimes unfounded worrisome thoughts consume us. When you yearn to turn your paranoia off and turn on a carefree life, these positive affirmations will set you on the right track.

You may have been wounded in the past and now constantly feel that others are watching you or are out to do harm to you. However, letting paranoia take over your life and keep you from trusting anyone is no way to live. Once you can let go of the fear and anxiety, you will begin to trust again and will learn that it is safe to do so. Imagine how much happier your life would be if you felt positive about those around you rather than suspicious or worried.

If you are ready to feel safe and secure with others then turn to these affirmations. They will guide you to an emotional state of acceptance and confidence.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am safe
I can trust others
I can trust myself
I believe in other people
I am free from paranoia
I am secure in myself
I am able to trust
I am free from anxiety
I am a confident person
I am in control of my fear


Future Tense Affirmations
I will learn to trust others
I will take control of my emotions
I will think rationally
I will overcome my fear
I will break free from paranoia
I will trust myself
I will feel safe with others
I will confide in others
I will trust my secrets with others
I am building confidence


Natural Affirmations
Others are genuine
Other people want to help me
Trusting people comes naturally to me
My feelings are safe with others
My anxiety is controlled
My paranoia is gone
People are friendly
People can trust me
Other people are trustworthy
Being around others makes me feel safe

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Recommended Tools to Stop Paranoia

Cure Paranoia Subliminal: The messages contained in this subliminal album will teach you to be more outgoing and positive. They will reverse your feelings of paranoia and worry so that you can begin to trust others and enjoy their company.

Stop Worrying Hypnosis: Worry breeds paranoia. Take control of your worrisome ways with the this hypnosis album that has been designed to help you rid yourself of paranoia once and for all.

See Good in People Subliminal: If you are able to see the good in people then it will be much easier to let go of paranoia. This album will teach you how to spot the positive aspects of others so that you can develop trust in them.