Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Positive Affirmations


Are you really serious about doing whatever it takes to get your ex boyfriend back? Do you know the single most important factor in recapturing the love and interest of your ex and ensuring a brighter future for your relationship?

The key is positive thinking, because when you are feeling positive inside, confident in yourself, and truly internally happy then your ex will see that things have changed for the better, they will be convinced that being with you will be a happy and fulfilling experience instead of the torture and pain of breaking up.

The key is to create such a dramatically positive shift in your own experience of the world that your ex can’t help but to want to be back in your life again, and creating this mindset can be a bit tricky because it means being totally confident and happy within yourself first and foremost! When your ex senses this, he will be far more attracted to you and open to the idea of getting back together.

These affirmations are here to help you make the positive internal change needed to show your ex that you are serious about trying again, and that being with you will make them happy for the long term!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am getting back together with my ex
I truly love and appreciate my ex
My ex can sense my inner positivity
I am confident and happy within myself
I am tuned in on a deep level to my ex
I am in a positive and loving state of mind
I am persistent and determined to get my ex back
I am confident that I can get my ex back
I am full of love and hope
My ex senses my loving energy


Future Tense Affirmations
I will get back with my ex boyfriend
I will show him that things will be better
I am developing as a person and am ready for a meaningful relationship
I will love, respect, and honor my ex no matter what
I will be happy and content within myself
Each day my ex will feel my loving energy more and more
I will show my ex that I am confident, positive, and serious
My ex is starting to warm up to me again
I will give off loving, radiant energy
Communicating with my ex is becoming easier


Natural Affirmations
I am already back with my ex
My ex is the true love of my life
Getting back with my ex boyfriend will be easy
There exists a deep and profound love between my ex and I
My mind is focused on rebuilding our relationship
I can show my ex that I am serious
My ex will naturally sense that things will be different
Making positive changes within myself is important
Being positive and confident comes naturally to me
My ex is naturally attracted to me

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Positive Thinking Subliminal: Use this tool to unlock your capacity for positive thinking so that getting your ex back is an enjoyable and exciting experience rather than a negative and draining one. Imagine how amazing it will feel to rekindle your connection and fall in love all over again, this is something only possible when you have a positive state of mind!