Golf Positive Affirmations


Here are our affirmations for golf players. They are designed to help you take your golf game to the next level by naturally increasing your attention to detail, motivation to practice, and awareness of position and aim.

Playing golf impeccably is a matter of balancing drive with focus. Posture must remain relaxed, yet poised; while aim must be steady and powerful. The game of golf is truly an art that can only be mastered with an alert mind, calm demeanor, and strong swing.

In addition to practicing the physical aspects of the game, a successful golfer must ultimately hone their skills through the power of their mind. If you take the time to train your brain with these positive affirmations, your golf game will be better than you can even imagine.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a focused player
I have a steady swing
I am very alert
I remain focused for long periods of time
I concentrate easily
I am a great golfer
I thrive under pressure
I am in the zone
I am a confident player
I have an accurate swing


Future Tense Affirmations
I am improving my game
I am growing more confident
I will be a successful golfer
I will win consistently
I will perfect my swing
I will stay focused under pressure
My swing is becoming more steady
I will be aware of my posture
I will continually improve my golf game
I am developing a perfect stance


Natural Affirmations
Playing golf comes naturally to me
Golf is my life
Practicing golf is something I truly enjoy
My swing is steady
Focusing comes easily
Others recognize how well I play
Concentrating feels natural
My posture is perfect
Golf is fun
Winning is easy

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