Soccer Positive Affirmations


Do you dream of sprinting down the soccer field at the speed of lightning and then effortlessly and naturally striking the perfect shot past a helpless goalie to score the winning goal? If so, these soccer affirmations will help perfect your skills by building the perfect mindset of a highly skilled soccer player.

Professional soccer players spend countless hours making their speed and agility on the field look effortless. The truth is, even unlimited training won’t take a soccer player to elite status alone. They must engage their minds to enjoy training, see the game better, and push themselves past their perceived limitations. Only the best soccer players realize the importance of perfecting the way their mind works on the soccer pitch.

To improve your mental state and take your soccer skills to the next level, begin practicing these affirmations today!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a fast runner
I am a great shooter
I make perfect passes
I have excellent ball control
I always train hard
I have perfect accuracy
I am a natural scorer
I am 100% dedicated to becoming a great soccer player
I am a highly skilled soccer player
My mind is perfectly wired for soccer


Future Tense Affirmations
I will practice every day
I am becoming a fantastic dribbler
I will sharpen my reflexes
My confidence is building
I will stay focused on improving
I will do everything to win
I will be a leading scorer
I will train harder than anyone else
I will improve my accuracy
My coordination is steadily improving


Natural Affirmations
Soccer is in my blood
Scoring goals is easy
I have a burning desire to become a great soccer player
I can develop into a pro player if I put my mind to it
Soccer is my life
My teammates see me as a great player
I naturally notice plays developing
I enjoy training
My mind is totally focused on developing into a great player
Scoring comes naturally to me

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Recommended Tools for Soccer Players

Soccer Skill Football Training Subliminal: This subliminal tool will create the perfect mindset needed to take your soccer skills to the next level. It uses subliminal affirmations to target your subconscious thought processes and build in highly functional and soccer specific thought processes that will improve your soccer thinking skills, increase your motivation to practice, and build your confidence on the pitch.

Soccer Skills Training Subliminal: Here is another simple yet awesome subliminal tool that will rewire your mind for soccer. You can listen to it as you head to practice, clean the house, or even sleep. The next time you’re on the pitch practicing or playing you’ll be surprised at just what kind of an impact this can have on your mind and your skills!