Learn Violin Positive Affirmations


Reveal your inner violinist today by reciting these positive affirmations. Your confidence will soar and your abilities will flourish as the deepest part of your mind becomes more aligned with the violin and the nature of music in general.

The violin is by far one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. From the classics to modern pop, jazz, and even world music from the east – the violin is truly a representation of the global human musical spirit. It is a special instrument, and also one of the most difficult to play, so having the right mental approach is vital.

These affirmations will help you get into this ideal mental state for practicing, listening to, and intuitively feeling the violin. The most important thing is that you should recite them consistently, every day, alongside your regular violin practice. Do so and you will notice a massive improvement in your natural relationship to the violin in all regards!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a talented musician
I am in sync with the violin
I intuitively understand the violin
I am a great violinist
I easily reach the correct pitches
I am focused on mastering the violin
I am a fast learner
I always enjoy violin lessons
I retain musical information perfectly
I am quickly learning to play the violin


Future Tense Affirmations
I will learn to play the violin
I will become a violinist
I will concentrate fully
I will focus on learning
I will absorb musical information efficiently
I will learn to read music
I will be known as a great violinist
I will become musically inclined
I am improving my violin skills
I will master the violin


Natural Affirmations
I was born to play the violin
Practicing the violin is joyful
Music is in my soul
Playing the violin is what I live for
I am always playing the violin
My mind is tuned in to all music
Remembering music is easy
Others see me as an amazing musician
The violin feels natural in my hands
I lose myself in the music easily

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Recommended Resources for Learning The Violin

Learn How to Play The Violin Subliminal: If you are motivated to practice playing the violin, but struggle to see any improvements from your efforts, this album is for you! It will help you overcome the learning curve and break through hurdles to be the best violinist you can be. Your fingers will find notes easier, your pitch will be perfect, and the instrument will naturally sing in your hands!

Learn to Play The Violin Subliminal MP3: Playing the violin takes focus and dedication. This subliminal mp3 will help clear your mind and reaffirm your commitment to take your violin skills to the next level while simultaneously unlocking your musical intuition and building a deep understanding of the violin into your subconscious mind.