Make New Friends Positive Affirmations


If you spend your Friday nights home alone, don’t have anyone to celebrate your birthday with and just don’t have anyone you can ring up and have a good old chat with then you can do with making some new friends.

Many people find it hard to make new friends but having a good amount of friends is essential to living a happy life and if you want to grow your social circle and gain some new buddies then you’re in luck as the positive affirmations we have on this page that you’re reading now are going to make you a friend making machine!

By repeating the simple affirmations that you’re about to discover you will become more confident, open to conversation and an overall more happier person who can really connect with people and listen to them and get to know them, everything you need really to make friends with someone.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am confident
I can easily hold a conversation
I am friendly and outgoing
I am a good listener
I connect well with others
I can easily talk to someone I don’t know
I am always willing to make new friends
I am easy to approach
I project positive body language
I find it easy to be in social situations


Future Tense Affirmations
I will make more friends
I will talk to more people
I will make an effort to make eye contact
I will take the time to have conversations with people I don’t know
I will make more of an effort to put myself in social situations
I will avoid conflict whenever I can
I will find it easy to keep an open mind
I will be judgement free
I will be a better listener
I will respect others points of view


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy taking the time to talk to new people
Every day I grow more confident
Talking to people I don’t know is easy for me
I enjoy meeting new and interesting people
Making new friends has enriched my life
I naturally project inviting body-language
Being someone who can talk to anyone had added value to my life
Listening to others and really understanding what they are saying is something I truly enjoy
Being able to talk to someone without judging them has made me a much happier person
Making new friends is a fun thing to do and it has opened up my world immensely


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