Rugby Positive Affirmations


Only the top rugby players realize the importance of perfecting their mental abilities in addition to their physical skills. Use these positive affirmations to unleash the power that a focused mind can have on your development as a rugby player.

If your agility and ball control are superior in some instances, but lacking in others, you could benefit from the consistency that a clear mind can bring. Having the ability to concentrate and focus for long periods of time will enable you to catch, throw, kick, and run on cue and to perfection every time – and especially when it counts the most.

These rugby affirmations are designed to clear out the mind clutter that blocks you from performing at your peak, all the while boosting your confidence and visualization skills.

Start using these today to transform your rugby skills from average to elite!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great rugby player
I am dedicated to training
I am a focused player
I run fast
I throw forcefully and accurately
I am always in peak shape
I have accurate passing skills
I concentrate fully and easily
I have sharp reflexes
I have control of the ball at all times


Future Tense Affirmations
I will train rigorously
I will focus on the game
I will push myself during training
I will become a great rugby player
Others will know me as a successful player
I am improving my concentration skills
I will throw accurately
I will retain ball control
I am building my confidence
I am improving my accuracy


Natural Affirmations
I love rugby
Training often is just a normal part of my life
Winning feels great
Concentrating comes easily to me
Others are in awe of my rugby skills
My rugby skills are constantly improving
Focusing feels natural to me
Throwing the ball is easy
Training is something I always look forward to
Ball control is easy for me

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