Sales Success Positive Affirmations


Successful salespeople are an important part of any business. Those who have natural sales ability often stand out from the crowd and are noticed when it’s time for promotion. You can develop your sales potential, increase your confidence, and improve your speaking abilities with these positive affirmations!

The more these techniques are practiced, the more natural they will become. In time, you can learn to promote products and services with ease, while also developing a knack for closing a deal.

Being a successful salesperson will enhance your life both professionally and personally. Sales and negotiation techniques can help you in every situation whether negotiating your own purchase or vying for a new promotion.

We encourage you to read the list below and choose your favorite affirmations, then make sure you find some time each day to practice your affirmations and get yourself in a positive and successful state of mind!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a skilled salesperson
I am knowledgeable about the products I sell
I am persuasive and convincing
I am a great communicator
I am focused on developing my sales skills
I have a product/service that everyone wants
I instinctively know how to get someone to buy
I am in tune with my customer’s needs
I am committed to becoming a highly successful salesperson
I am able to turn any transaction into one that is mutually beneficial


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming a highly skilled salesperson
I will meet or exceed sales quotas
I will be enthusiastic about what I am selling
I will find unique ways to market to new clients
I will stay focused on success
I will be responsive to the needs of my customers
My sales will continually increase
I will continue to grow my client base
My colleagues see me as a sales generating machine
Making sales is becoming easier and easier


Natural Affirmations
I am just naturally good at sales
I love making a sale
I am unfazed by rejection
Customers naturally trust and respect me
I have a the perfect casual yet persuasive sales attitude
I can be convincing without being deceitful
My sales career is deeply satisfying
Demonstrating products is something I enjoy doing
My customers are important to me
I like building long term relationships with my clients


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