Feel Good Naked Positive Affirmations


Being comfortable naked doesn’t necessarily depend on having a perfect physique. Rather, it starts with having a healthy and accepting attitude towards your body and nakedness in general. These positive affirmations will help you to develop this positive mindset and become someone who naturally and effortlessly feels good naked.

Imagine being totally in the moment when sharing your body with your partner, without worrying or being distracted by any awkward feelings. Or how about being the kind of person who is completely comfortable sunbathing at a nude beach, and doesn’t even think twice about something like taking a communal shower at the gym. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have that kind of carefree confidence?

These positive affirmations will help you to overcome deeply held insecurities and negative beliefs about your body. They will train your mind to see nakedness as totally natural and normal, and you will have the secure confidence in your body that allows you to just relax and enjoy life.

We believe that your body – regardless of age, shape, or size – is a beautiful gift to be celebrated and enjoyed, and we think that after reading these affirmations, you will too!

Present Tense Affirmations
I feel good naked
My body is beautiful just the way it is
I confidently share my body with my partner
I am comfortable being naked around others
My lover enjoys my naked body
I am confident in my naked body
My body is a beautiful gift of nature
I am at ease with my nakedness
My body is attractive
I am totally relaxed when naked around others


Future Tense Affirmations
I will feel good about my naked body
I am starting to enjoy being nude with my partner
I will develop confidence in my naked body
Being nude is starting to feel more natural and normal
I am finding it easier to just relax and share my body with my partner
My confidence in my body is improving
I am noticing that I feel more relaxed and at ease when naked
Each day I feel better and better about my naked body
I will feel secure when naked
I am developing a deep acceptance of my naked body


Natural Affirmations
Being naked is the most natural thing in the world
I enjoy being naked
I have an attractive body
I love sharing my body with my partner
I completely accept and love my body
Feeling good naked comes naturally to me
I am the kind of person who is totally at ease in the nude
Being naked around other people is easy for me
I have full confidence in my naked body
My partner loves and appreciates my naked body

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