Increase Sex Drive Positive Affirmations


Here are your positive affirmations to help you increase your sex drive.

They will work to enhance your libido and unleash your sexual desire by tapping into the power of your mind. If you take them seriously and use them on a daily basis they will empower you to totally rewire your deepest beliefs and thought patterns surrounding sex.

Imagine a life where you always looked forward to embracing your partner, tearing their clothes off, and experiencing intense sexual pleasure. No longer will you have to psyche yourself up, you will just naturally feel excited and ready for sex all the time. Sex will become much more enjoyable, relaxed, exciting, and fun – all thanks to the power of your mind to unleash your sexual energy!

You can take control of your sex drive, just choose your favorite affirmations from the list below and dedicate yourself to reciting them for a few minutes each day, and in a short time you will experience a life changing transformation.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a sexually charged person
I crave intense sexual pleasure
I am in the mood to ravage my partner
I am a sexual being
I am an amazing lover
I am full of sexual energy
My mind and body are primed for sex
I am a highly sexual person
My body is tingling with sexual desire
My sex drive is powerful and strong


Future Tense Affirmations
My sex drive is increasing
I am beginning to feel sexually charged
My body is feeling more sexual every day
My sex life is improving
I am having sex more and more
I will have powerful sexual experiences
I will fantasize about my partner and build sexual tension
I am becoming more excited about having sex
I am developing a powerful sex drive
I am starting to need sex all the time


Natural Affirmations
My sex drive is naturally strong
Sex is an important part of my life
Sexual desire is burning inside me
I just always want sex
I have the kind of sex life that others could only dream of
Thinking about sex and getting excited is normal
My sex life is out of this world
I have an intense sex drive
My body is wired for sexual pleasure
I enjoy thinking about sex

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