Be Funny Positive Affirmations


Welcome to our be funny positive affirmations. Some people seem to be born with the ability to make others laugh and always say the right thing at the perfect moment, but the difference between these people and you is simply in the way their minds work. The good news is that you can start changing the way your mind works and become more naturally funny and witty.

These positive affirmations have been specifically designed to unlock your inner comedian. We all have it inside us to be the funny person at the party who always makes everyone laugh, we just have to free up our mind and allow the right energy to come through. Use these affirmations at least twice daily and you will notice yourself being effortlessly funny and outgoing, less stressed out and serious (you’ll see the lighter side of life), and becoming sharper in your thinking.

Get started right away with these positive affirmations and you’ll be seeing the funny side of life in no time 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I am naturally funny
I always have something funny to say
I have a great sense of humor
I see the funny side of every situation
I am always making others laugh and brightening their day
I am sharp witted and full of funny ideas
Others hang on my every word because I’m always making everyone laugh
I laugh at myself and this makes my life so much easier
I make others calm with my ability to find funniness in stressful situations
I am naturally charismatic


Future Tense Affirmations
I become funnier with each passing day
I am turning into someone who always has something funny to say
Others are starting to see that I am a really funny person
I see the funny side of life more and more
I am transforming into someone who is outgoing and makes others laugh
Being funny seems to be taking less effort
I am noticing that others are more drawn to me because I am funny
I am feeling wittier and more naturally funny
Life is becoming easier and less serious
My mind is becoming much sharper


Natural Affirmations
Seeing the funny side of life comes naturally to me
Others see me as outgoing and full of laughter
I love cracking a good joke at the perfect moment
I make people laugh wherever I go
Coming up with funny things to say is easy for me
I can calm any situation by having a good laugh
I just naturally see the funny side to life
Making others laugh is easy for me
My mind is just naturally sharp and witty all the time
I find it easy to laugh at myself and make light of any situation



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