Wakeboarding Skills Positive Affirmations


There are few better feelings than successfully landing a trick out on the water. Wakeboarding is an intense, invigorating, and incredibly challenging sport that requires much mental preparation to be triumphant in.

Catching air, as exhilarating as it may be, can have dangerous results if you’re not confident and ready to go when you’re on your wakeboard. Being physically fit simply isn’t enough to ensure top results in wakeboarding. A strong mind that’s well-adjust to the particularities of wakeboarding will best prepare you for your epic wakeboarding endeavors.

Whether it’s your first time on the wakeboard or you’re a well-trained veteran in the sport, reciting these affirmations will keep your mindset sharply focused so you can efficiently improve your skills.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great wakeboarder
I love wakeboarding
I am confident out on the water
I hit all of the inside turns
Being on the water is fun for me
My transitions are smooth
My deepwater start is perfect
I know how to focus my eyes when I’m on the board
I am conscious of my body movements on the board
I give wakeboarding all of my effort


Future Tense Affirmations
I will pick up tricks more efficiently
I will land more tricks on my blindside
I am becoming more focused on the water
I will always be encouraged to get back on the water
Wakeboarding will become a priority for me
I will keep high goals for myself
My balance is improving
I am growing in skill every time I go on my wakeboard
My basic skills are developing into more advanced tricks
I am enhancing my talent with every practice


Natural Affirmations
I feel confident on my board
Wakeboarding is my natural rite
I’m comfortable with myself on the water
Balancing on my board comes naturally to me
Everything makes sense when I’m wakeboarding
I consistantly pick up tricks with ease
Being a talented wakeboarder is important to me
Wakeboarding is a positive thing in my life
I am naturally myself on the water
I am meant to wakeboard

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Recommended References to Improve Your Wakeboarding Talents

Wakeboarding Subliminal: Tap into your wakeboarding dexterity with this subliminal designed to adjust your mind to center on the sport you love. This subliminal will construct your focus to getting on that board and performing tricks at your best possible capability.

Positive Thinking Hypnosis: The smallest speck of negativity can completely throw off your ability to perform well when you’re wakeboarding. That’s why it’s crucial to your development as a wakeboarder that you stay positive about your abilities, especially when you’ve hit a rough patch in your training.

Stay Alert Subliminal: Staying focused on the waves when you’re wakeboarding is far easier said than done- a pro wakeboarder knows that perfection in wakeboarding relies heavily on your abilities to pay attention to the water beneath you. The details of the wave moments will prepare you on which ways the waves are moving, which will increase your perception on how to move your body and the board. Use this album to guide your alert mind in the direction you desire.