Stop Chocolate Addiction Positive Affirmations


Addicted to Chocolate?

These affirmations will give you the power to go straight for the source of the problem, your mind, and reprogram the habitual patterns that are making it difficult to stop your chocolate addiction.

For maximum results and quick progress we recommend you use these affirmations at least twice per day, ideally first thing in the morning and then again right before you go to sleep at night. Our stop chocolate addiction affirmations are a bit special though, you should also choose a few to memorize and have on hand for whenever you feel a craving coming on. Simply calm yourself down, repeat the affirmations to yourself, and your craving for chocolate will pass.

You can stop chocolate addiction, and with the help of our positive affirmations and a little self belief, you will! Before you know it you’ll have reprogrammed your mind to naturally crave healthier snacks, easily resist temptation, and be in full control of your relationship to chocolate.

Get started today!

Present Tense Affirmations
I always resist chocolate
I am overcoming my addiction to chocolate
I have total belief in my ability to stop eating chocolate
I choose healthy snacks
I have rock solid discipline and self control
I am strong in the face of craving and temptation
I am in full control of what I eat
I have the power to stop my chocolate addiction
My mind is totally focused on beating my addiction to chocolate
I am the one in control, not chocolate


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop my addiction to chocolate
I am finding it easier to resist the temptation of chocolate
I am beginning to crave healthier snacks
Each day my resolve to stop eating chocolate grows stronger
I am gaining more and more control over my urges and impulses
I will take control of my chocolate addiction
My belief in myself is increasing
My willpower is becoming stronger than my craving for chocolate
I will stop my chocolate addiction and live a healthier life
I am transforming into someone who has a healthy relationship to chocolate


Natural Affirmations
I find it easy to say no to chocolate
Craving chocolate only makes my willpower stronger
I enjoy eating healthy snacks
I will be free from chocolate addiction
I can easily resist the temptation of chocolate
I deserve to be healthy and happy
I always fuel my body with the healthiest foods possible
I am in full control even when I crave chocolate
It is important to me that I get my chocolate addiction under control
I am completely resolved in my decision to stop eating chocolate


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