Stop Complaining Positive Affirmations


Do others see you as someone who is always complaining? Do you notice this tendency in yourself and want to change it? These positive affirmations have been written specifically to help you stop complaining.

Whenever you feel the urge to complain, repeat a few of your favorite affirmations (write them down or memorize them) from this page to diffuse the complaint. This will interrupt your usual pattern of negative thinking and bring positive balance to the way you see the world.

Learning to stop complaining will free you from negativity and just generally make your life much more pleasant and happy. Also, other people will be delighted to be around your positive attitude, and you will find that everything in life and in your relationships seems to go much smoother!

Get started with these positive affirmations to take control of your attitude and free yourself from complaining, negativity, and pessimism.

Present Tense Affirmations
I always think positively
I easily deal with negative situations
I always find something nice to say
I am optimistic
I am happy even when under stress
My mind is focused on the positive side of life
I seek out the bright side of every situation
I am calm and relaxed when something doesn’t go my way
I am able to deal with stress appropriately
Others look up to me as someone who is always positive


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop complaining
I will always seek out the positive in every situation
I will improve my attitude
Thinking positively is becoming easier
I am transforming into someone who is always optimistic and helpful
The words I speak are becoming more and more positive
Others are starting to notice a positive change in my attitude
I am finding myself more at ease and relaxed in situations that used to bother me
I will be the kind of person who always has something nice to say
I am noticing myself more naturally focused on the brighter side of life


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy being positive and friendly
I can easily find something funny about an annoying situation
Being optimistic comes naturally to me
My words are always positive and encouraging
I am naturally supportive of others
Others look to me for positive feedback and guidance
I am a naturally positive person
I can easily remain calm and relaxed in the most difficult situations
I am much happier when I avoid complaining
Others enjoy being around me because I’m so positive



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