Stop Late Night Snacking Positive Affirmations


Here are our affirmations to stop late night snacking. That familiar twinge of desire for a midnight snack is a classic example of where a little appliance of will power will leave us much better off. It’s not easy to quit cold turkey, and you don’t have to. Being aware of your dangerous tendencies is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

After dinner is the most common time to snack. It’s so easy to reach for that one last pretzel, cookie, ice cream sandwich- whatever it may be that you enjoy gulping down. Late night snacking proves to be the fault of most dieters. You could be completely healthy, 100% junk food free all day, and still fall victim to the hypnotizing cycle of late night snacking. Don’t let yourself ruin a perfectly good day of dieting with bad habits at night.

Use these positive affirmations to guide your wavering hand from the cookies to the carrots. Rid your routine of late night snacking with these thirty positive affirmations. Just pick the type of affirmation you like the best, go over them on a regular basis, and watch the late night snacking pattern vanish completely from your life!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am content with the meals I eat in the day
I live a healthy lifestyle
My eating habits are healthy
I keep myself busy after dinner
I have no need for snacks at night
My will is strong
I resist late snacks
I ignore my urges to eat
I only eat when I’m hungry
I destroy my dangerous desires to eat


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop eating at night
I will have no need for midnight snacks
I will stop reaching for unhealthy food
I will stop eating when I’m not hungry
My body will get used to my new diet
I will no longer eat after dinner
I will pay attention to my body’s desires
I will only eat when I have to
I will shift my focus to doing other things at night
I am on the right path to lose weight


Natural Affirmations
I am satisfied with my eating routine
I naturally know when to stop eating
I have the personal strength to hold myself back
I am aware of all of my eating habits, good and bad
I am naturally in control of my food intake
I always monitor my eating
I am simply able to overcome hunger
I am always wary of pure desire to eat
I just avoid eating when I’m full
I naturally stop eating when I am not hungry



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