Stop Nail Biting Positive Affirmations


Do you bite your nails without even thinking about it? Would you like to put an end to this habit? These positive affirmations are here to create a shift in your mind that makes it easier to stop nail biting once and for all.

Habits can become unconscious and automatic if repeated often enough, and before you know it you’ve been biting your nails for the last 5 minutes without even noticing. The reason is that this pattern, the pattern of biting your nails, has become deeply conditioned into your mind where it has become an automatic behavioral response. That’s why these affirmations will be so effective at helping you overcome this problem. With repeated use they will begin to reprogram your habitual thought patterns and create new, more positive ones.

If you are serious, and you use these affirmations on a daily basis, not only will your awareness of this problem be heightened (which is half the battle), but in time you will become someone who is completely free from nail biting, has healthy beautiful nails, and is calm and relaxed without needing to resort to nail biting.

Why not get started right away? Here are the affirmations, good luck!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free from nail biting
I am aware of my hands and fingers
I am naturally relaxed without needing to bite my nails
My hands and fingers are relaxed
I keep my fingers away from my mouth
My nails are healthy and beautiful
I take proper care of my nails
I always clip my nails rather than bite them
I am in total control of my body
I have a sharpened awareness of nail biting


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome my habit of nail biting
I will heal my finger nails
I will keep my hands and fingers away from my mouth
I am becoming more and more aware of my habit of nail biting
Each day I gain more control over my impulses
I am finding it easier to relax without biting my nails
My hands and fingers are becoming more relaxed
I will stay focused on controlling my body
My finger nails are beginning to heal
My friends are starting to notice that I have stopped biting my nails


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally relaxed and at ease
Keeping my fingers away from my mouth is easy
I can stop biting my nails
I have the power to control my habits
My finger nails are naturally healthy
It is important to let go of my nail biting habit
I can release stress and tension without biting my nails
It will feel incredible to overcome my nail biting habit
My hands are naturally relaxed and away from my mouth
Strong healthy nails are normal

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