Stop Needing Your Own Way Positive Affirmations


It’s always great when we get our own way but it’s not something that we can get all the time and even if it was the person who is giving you your own way isn’t going to feel all that good about it.

Being able to compromise then and let someone else get their own way once in a while allows you to develop relationships that are much happier and stronger and having those kinds of relationships will enrich your life.

If right now you are someone who just always needs their own way then the affirmations on this page will be of great help to you.

By taking these positive affirmations and repeating them aloud each day at least two times each day, you will tap into the power of repetition and these affirmations will enter your subconscious mind, changing the way you think and in turn changing the way you act.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am able to let others get their own way
I am motivated at all times to make sure all people are happy
I am free of selfishness
I am a naturally positive and happy person
I am a kind and considerate human being
I am able to see things from others point of view
I find it easy to communicate with others
I can think of others and how they might feel when making my decisions
I just naturally emphasize with others
I have transformed into a person who is free of always needing their own way


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more emphatic by the day
I will become someone who is free of needing their own way all the time
I am finding myself more and more happy
I am turning into someone who is kind and considerate
I am becoming naturally considerate of others
I will be able to see things from the point of view of others
I will make sure to take other peoples feelings into consideration
I am turning into someone who is free of selfishness
I am becoming more caring by the day
I will be able to compromise


Natural Affirmations
Compromising is something I excel at
I am fine with others getting their own way
Being happy and relaxed is my natural state
Being an effective communicator comes naturally to me
People see me as someone who is kind and considerate
I have the natural ability to see things from others point of view
I am naturally understanding
Caring about others comes naturally to me
Being empathetic comes easy to me
People are always happy around me

Resources To Stop You From Always Needing Your Own Way

Improve Social Skills Subliminal: Always needing your own way normally stems from a lack of social skills and this subliminal will help you develop the social skills you need for happy relationships.

Improve Communication Skills Hypnosis: Finding it hard to communicate with others can cause a lot of frustration and severely limit how far you go in life. It’s important then that you develop great communication skills and this hypnosis will aid you in that quest.

Empathize With People Subliminal: Being able to stop needing your own way all the time involves being able to empathize with people and see things from their point of view. This subliminal will help you to become someone who is naturally empathetic.