Stop Night Terrors Positive Affirmations


Are night terrors keeping you from enjoying peaceful, relaxing, and deeply restful sleep? These positive affirmations will help you retake control of your mind and stop night terrors.

Using these affirmations right before going to sleep will help to relax your mind with positive thoughts and peaceful suggestions. And putting yourself in this state while you become tired and drift off to sleep will help keep your mind happy throughout the night.

Simply choose a few of your favorite affirmations from the list we’ve provided below, calm your mind and body, invite positive thoughts and feelings into your consciousness, and recite the affirmations as you wind down and start falling asleep. Your nightmares will soon be replaced with pleasant dreams, effortless relaxation, and deeply restorative sleep.

May you have pleasant dreams from this night forward.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am at peace
My body is relaxed
I am full of positive thoughts
I am free from stress and anxiety
I am letting go of negative memories
My mind and body are calm
I always have pleasant dreams
I am a peaceful sleeper
My dreams are beautiful
I am always well rested after sleeping


Future Tense Affirmations
I will sleep peacefully
I will overcome night terrors
I am starting to feel more peaceful while falling asleep
I will think positively as I drift off to sleep
Relaxing my mind is becoming easier
Each day I find it easier to let go of stress and worry
I am finding myself more rested and relaxed each morning
I am starting to enjoy sleeping
My dreams are becoming more and more positive
I will focus on happy thoughts as I fall asleep each night


Natural Affirmations
I can sleep peacefully
My bed is a place of rest and safety
My mind is naturally calm and relaxed
Positive thinking is stronger than night terrors
My dreams are always pleasant
I enjoy sleeping
Waking up feeling rested and relaxed is a normal part of my life
I can overcome night terrors
I always look forward to sleeping and dreaming
My mind is naturally focused on positive thoughts and memories


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