Stop Nightmares Positive Affirmations


Do you suffer with frequent nightmares? These positive affirmations will help to calm your mind, overcome negative thoughts, and ensure you sleep in peace.

Nightmares are most often caused by built up stress, anxiety, and negative memories. So it follows that if you can calm your mind and think positively, especially right before going to sleep, then you will be able to overcome nightmares, sleep much more soundly, and feel significantly more rested in the morning.

The best time to use these affirmations is right before going to sleep. Simply lie in bed and calm yourself down while reciting a few of your favorite affirmations from this list. Relax your body, think happy thoughts, and say the affirmations inside your head as you peacefully drift off to sleep.

Sweet Dreams 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I am happy
My body is relaxed
I dream peacefully
I always sleep soundly
My mind is focused on positive thoughts
I always have nice dreams
I am calm and positive
I am a peaceful sleeper
My dreams are beautiful and full of happy thoughts
I am at peace in my bed


Future Tense Affirmations
I will have peaceful dreams
I will relax my mind as I fall asleep
I will let go of negative thoughts as I fall asleep
I am finding myself having better and better dreams
I am starting to feel well rested every morning
Calming myself down before bed is becoming easier
I will let go of all my stress and anxiety
Every day my dreams are becoming more and more positive
I will overcome my nightmares
I will think positively when falling asleep


Natural Affirmations
I have positive dreams naturally
I love sleeping and dreaming
I am naturally relaxed as I fall asleep
Peaceful dreams are my natural right
I can shift the nature of my dreams with positive thoughts
I have wonderful dreams every night
Having nice dreams is normal for me
I can control my dreams
Dreaming is positive and natural
My mind is naturally focused on the positive


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