Writers Block Positive Affirmations


Would you like to become a great writer? Do you often struggle with writer’s block? These affirmations will help you to overcome creative blocks and become the kind of writer who just pushes through and keeps writing no matter what.

Sometimes the problem with creativity is that the more you try to be creative, the harder it becomes. This is especially true when it comes to writers block. You’ve surely been there, sitting in front of your screen, fingers on the keyboard, but mind completely blank. You strain to come up with something, anything, but alas you can not break through the emptiness.

This is a case of your own mind getting in the way of itself. And these affirmations have been designed to help you avoid this problem by stimulating your creative energies with positive thought patterns, instilling confidence in your ability to write no matter what, and creating a subtle shift in the way you approach the creative process.

We think you’ll find these very helpful, remember to use them every day and you will soon see amazing results!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am fearless in the face of writers block
I always overcome writers block
My mind is finely-tuned for writing
My creativity with words is endless
I am always coming up with new ideas and thoughts
I write anything that comes to mind to break through writer’s block
My mind is filled with creative ideas
I am a fantastic writer
Thoughts and ideas are always flowing out of me
I am able to smash through writers block with ease


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome writers block
I will keep writing no matter what
My creativity is always increasing
I am transforming into a highly creative thinker
Words and ideas are starting to just flow out of me
I will come up with new thoughts and ideas
I will become a great writer
Each day I become more confident in my writing
I am finding it easier to break through writers block
Writers block will only increase my will to succeed


Natural Affirmations
I can write endlessly
I love writing
My mind is naturally wired for writing
I can tap into my creativity whenever I need
Words and ideas are just always flowing out of me
Writing for me is like breathing
I remain confident and determined in the face of writers block
I can effortlessly come up with new writing ideas
Being intensely creative is my natural state
Overcoming writers block is easy


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